Oxidizers are more commonly known as shock.  Shocking your pool water is a necessary step for proper pool maintenance to chemically destroy organic contaminants (such as perspiration, suntan lotions, hair sprays, body oils, urine, pet dander, and cosmetics) to help restore water clarity, maintain water balance and also eliminate combined chlorine, the main cause of odour and eye irritation.  Read and follow manufacturer’s labels or ask our staff for application instructions before applying chemicals to your pool.

Smart Shock

  • 39% available chlorine
  • Treat and swim in 15 minutes
  • 1 bag per 40,000L weekly application
  • Single bags or Box of 12 bags available

Burn Out

  • 58% available chlorine
  • 1 bag per 40,000L
  • Single bags or Box of 12 bags sizes available

Burn Out 3

  • 58% available chlorine
  • Initial start-up & shock treatment 165g per 10,000L
  • Algae treatment 400g per 10,000L
  • 2kg & 8kg sizes available 


  • Chlorine & bromine free
  • 120g per 10,000L weekly application
  • 1kg & 3.25kg sizes available