Safety Cover Installations

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Latham mesh safety covers are designed to protect your investment and the ones you made it for…your family. Once installed, the safety cover will help prevent accidental intrusions by children, pets, unwanted critters and debris.


Installation of safety cover includes:

  • Measurement of pool to ensure exact fit of cover.
  • Exact placement of anchors.
  • Drilling in concrete, deck, uni-lock, paver stones or natural stone using a high speed water injected diamond tip coring machine virtually eliminating chipping, shaling or breaking.
  • Installation of additional hardware if required such as deck tubes, interlock or garden stakes, deluxe flush mount rock face anchors, retaining hooks or eye bolts etc.
  • Ensure straps are tightened to proper tension.
  • Installation and removal tools.
  • Staircase flap for cover if applicable.
  • Storage bag for cover.

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