Liner Replacements

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Manufactured in Canada since 1971, Latham liners are designed and manufactured using the most advanced technology in the industry. With standard vinyl pool liners, the seams on the pool floor are visible. Latham’s exclusive Ultra-SeamTM process makes floor seams stronger and virtually invisible. No more visible lines on the floor detracting from the beauty of the pool.

Installation of inground pool liner includes the following:

  • Exact measurement of pool to ensure a proper fit.
  • Draining of pool.
  • Removal and disposal of existing liner.
  • Scraping and cleaning of pool walls and pool bottom.
  • Minor cement patching of pool bottom.
  • Painting minor rust spots on galvanized pool walls.
  • Re-taping panel joints and coping.
  • Installation of new gaskets, face plates, staircase track etc.
  • Starting circulation system and checking for leaks.


Latham Liner Visualizer

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Now you can experience the fun and convenience of designing the perfect pool, right down to the hue of the water.

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