Cleaning the waterline, solar blankets and winter covers help protect your investment, maintain it in optimal condition and remove biofilm.  It is important to only use products which are made for swimming pool surfaces as many other cleaners can scratch or harm pool surfaces, alter the water chemistry or lead to a chlorine demand. Read and follow manufacturer’s labels or ask our staff for application instructions before applying chemicals to your pool.

Off The Wall

  • Non-abrasive, non-foaming cleaner that removes waterline buildup (scale, greases and oils) from pool vinyl, tile and concrete finishes
  • 946ml & 3.78L sizes available

Stow Away

  • Cleans and deodorizes pool covers and prevents them from sticking together when folded
  • Use on patio umbrellas, cushions, pool floats and other pool-side items to clean and protect from mold, mildew and odours
  • 946ml size available

Filter Brite

  • Controls scale and rust while it removes grease, oil, metals, dirt and scale from sand, cartridge and DE filters for optimal water filtration
  • Apply twice per pool season or as required in troubleshooting (algae treatment, copper treatment etc)
  • 250g size available


  • Quickly eliminates and prevents foam in swimming pools and ornamental fountains
  • Apply 30ml per 10,000L
  • 3.78L size available


  • Non-abrasive chlorinated cleaner for vinyl, acrylic, concrete, chrome and tile that will not cloud water
  • 700g size available

Rock & Tile Re-Nu

  • Cleans efflorescence from rock, stone or tile 
  • Dissolves rust, copper, scale and calcium and loosens grime and oils
  • 750ml size available