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L1P 1Y9 Whitby, ON

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Please call us at (905)668-7431 or email us at service@starlingpoolsandspa.com to book services for the upcoming season.


Pool Opening

​•  Cleaning, removal and storage of winter cover and water bags.

•  Pool system setup - Reconnect filter, heater, chemical feeder, salt system and prime pump.

•  Next day filter start up, check and minor leak repair.

•  Reinstallation of diving board, ladder, return fittings etc.

•  Hose down deck.

•  First day pool shock, second day super chlorination if required.

•  Wall and step brushing, vacuuming, surface skimming and large debris removal.  

•  Automatic pool cleaner setup.

•  Debris bagging and placed at side of house.

Please Note

*This is a two day service to ensure water has reached operational level in order to complete system start up.  

**It is not uncommon for fine debris and sediment to be stirred up into water by initial vacuuming and resettle to pool bottom within 48 hours requiring additional vacuuming and filtration to achieve clear water.  Additional vacuuming is not included in this service but may be completed for an additional charge.  

***Water should be circulated for 48 hours after opening before testing, analyzing and treating to complete inital balancing.  Free digital water testing and analysis provided in-store.

****Additional charge applied if pool cover is leaf ridden or water is excessively green.


Pool Closing

•  Draining water to optimal level for winter.

•  Ladder, railing, diving board, jet fitting and skimmer basket removal and storage.

•  Filter, pump,  heater and chemical feeder drain plug removal.

•  Pipe blow out and capping (2 hp blower).

•  Debris removal. (bagged and placed at side of house)

•  Shock treatment and antifreeze application.

•  Winter cover and water bags, clip in winter cover or safety cover put on pool.

Please Note

*Guaranteed to repair or replace any equipment damage caused by freezing.

**If applicable, all leaking water bags will be replaced.

***Additional charges apply for materials required to successfully complete the closing professionally (water bags, winterizing plugs, Gizzmo etc).

****Drain plugs are stored in pump basket.


Weekly Maintenance Service

•  Vacuuming

•  Backwashing

•  Surface skimming

•  Emptying skimmer and pump baskets

•  Water testing, analysis and chemical application

•  Weekly shock treatment


Full Season Chemical Order

• Sanitizer, Oxidizer, Algicide, Balancers, Cleaners & Water Enhancers


Heater Clean & Start

•  Check for and remove rodents & insects

•  Clean burner – brush and vacuum

•  Check top of heat exchanger

•  Check for leaks and cracks

•  Light pilot

•  Operational and safety checks including pressure switch, high limits & thermostat

*Service performed by a licensed gas technician