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Please call us at (905)668-7431 or email us at service@starlingpoolsandspa.com to book services for the upcoming season.

Pool Opening

The service is completed as follows:

Day 1

► Drain water off winter cover and remove debris - Pool cover debris will be bagged and placed at the side of the house for disposal by the home owner

Remove, clean, fold and store pool cover and water bags etc.

Reinstallation of diving board, ladder, lights and return fittings etc.

Reconnect pump, filter, heater, chemical feeder or salt system

Hose off deck

Add shock treatment

Turn on hose to raise the water level

Day 2

Start up filter system, check and fix any minor plumbing leaks NOTE Pump start up will be done Day 1 if possible

Vacuum pool, brush walls and steps

Skim water surface

Assemble automatic pool cleaner if applicable (will not be placed in pool)

Add second shock treatment if necessary due to water clarity and/or colour


Please Note

It is recommended to open your pool at least two weeks prior to desired use.

Pool water requires a minimum of 48 hours circulation before testing, analysis and treatment to balance.

It is not recommended to install solar cover on pool until water has been tested and balanced.

The pool opening service is a two day process, services started on Saturday will be completed on Monday (some exceptions may apply).  Unexpected issues encountered during service may delay pool opening completion. Starling Pools & Spa service technicians do not start pool heaters as part of the pool opening service.  A Heater Clean & Start service may be booked at an additional cost to be performed by a licensed gas technician




Pool Closing

► Drain Pool to proper winterizing level

Remove all jet fittings and skimmer baskets

Remove filter, pump, heater and chemical drain plugs

Blow out and cap all pipes with 2hp blower

Remove all ladders, rails and diving board if applicable

Remove leaves from pool

Add shock treatment

Install winter cover or safety cover

Apply anti-freeze

If applicable, shut gas off to heater




Weekly Maintenance Service

Take back your weekends and enjoy the pool instead of cleaning it!    


Each weekly maintenance visit the following is completed:

Vacuuming pool bottom

Backwashing filter

Surface skimming

Emptying skimmer and pump baskets

Sanitizer, shock, algaecide and clarifier are applied. Chemicals to maintain and balance alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness and stabilizer levels are applied as indicated by water testing and analysis.



New This Year!

In our continuing effort to improve our weekly service program we are implementing some changes this year.

ALL chemicals will be discounted 15% for the entire season!

Salt cell cleaning and winter storage will be included free of charge.

Weekly service program customers who require a service call outside of the regularly scheduled week day will receive a same day or next day priority status service call.



Full Season Chemical Order

Receive a customized estimation of seasonal chemical usage and enjoy a 15% discount on your entire chemical purchase. 

BioGuard Sanitizer, Oxidizer, Algicide, Balancers, Cleaners & Water Enhancers


Heater Clean & Start

 Check for and remove rodents & insects

 Clean burner – brush and vacuum

 Check top of heat exchanger

 Check for leaks and cracks

 Light pilot

 Operational and safety checks including pressure switch, high limits & thermostat

*Service performed by a licensed gas technician