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Above Ground Pools


An above ground pool is the natural choice for affordability, flexibility and low maintenance. Atlantic Pools is the reputable choice for quality, variety and long-term dependability.


Atlantic Pools is one of North America's original manufacturers of above ground pools. They began operations in the 1930's and a decade later were leading the way in the development of this product line. Their commitment to innovation, product quality and above all else, customer satisfaction, has earned them a worldwide reputation for outstanding value and unwavering reliability. Both the round and oval styles are equipped with exclusive support systems designed to deliver a level of styling, structural support, and ease of assembly unsurpassed in the industry. The pools are made with hot-dipped premium galvanized steel, and corrugated walls to ensure long-term resistance to ice and impact damage. A sophisticated system of coatings protects against the effects of corrosion, UV exposure, and everyday wear and tear. Loads of family fun and worry-free relaxation come with every Atlantic pool!


•8" steel top ledges with Texture-Kote™finish.

•6" steel uprights with Texture-Kote™finish.

•Matching resin foot cover.

•Atlantic’s exclusive oval support system: Gibraltar Buttress-Free or Channel Lok 1



The Gibraltar Buttress-Free is an oval pool that does not require angle side supports (buttresses), which take up extra yard space. This unique system delivers unsurpassed structural strength without visible supports, has an attractive streamlined appearance and takes up less valuable yard space. For example, a 15’ x 30’ oval pool with buttresses requires 21’ x 30’ once installed. A 15’ x 30’ Gibraltar oval only requires 15’ x 30’. You save 180 square feet of yard space or have enough room for a larger pool.




The Channel-Lok 1 Compact-Buttress System requires fewer angled supports (buttresses), yet provides an uncompromised level of strength. With fewer supports, space and side accessibility to the pool is increased while installation time is reduced. This is the only oval system with matching vertical supports. Unlike traditional systems, the Channel-Lok 1 side verticals match the end verticals for eye-pleasing appeal.



All-Weather Protection for Years of Family Fun

The top ledges and uprights on every Atlantic pool undergo a state-of-the-art protective treatment process. In addition, they are coated with Texture-Kote. This combination provides incredibly long-lasting, all-weather protection with added resistance against corrosion, scratching and damaging UV rays. Atlantic’s unique quadra-fold system and bolting pattern provides maximum wall joint strength.

Pool walls are corrugated for increased durability and resistance to ice and impact damage. Only Atlantic pools feature the self-supporting omega stabilizer bar developed to simplify homeowner installation. The ease of assembly has made Atlantic pools the number one choice of many professional installers. 


Round Pool Instructions

Oval Pool Instructions


Starling Pools & Spa Deluxe Pool Kit Includes:

* Top quality Tigerflex piping and plumbing supplies

* Pool cove

* 20mil beaded full print vinyl liner

* Wide mouth surface skimmer with return jet

* Hayward 1 HP pump

* Hayward 18” sand filter with silica sand

* Winter cover with 7 yr warranty

* Solar Blanket with 3 yr warranty

* FeherGuard  deluxe solar winder

* Resin security ladder with self closing latch

* Full Maintenance Kit

* Chlorine, bromine & pH test kit

* 50’ backwash hose

* 30’ vacuum hose

* Deluxe vacuum head

* Leaf skimmer head

* 18” Aluminum backed wall brush

* 6’-12’ telescopic pole

* 10” molded plastic thermometer


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